Ugarsoft Blockchain Division

We are a team of passionate developers who are experienced in Blockchain development.


The blockchain division of Ugarsoft is made up of a diverse and vibrant team from Nigeria and Finland who are leveraging on the power of the blockchain technology to develop and deploy disruptive projects ranging from Fintech to other infrastructural projects.

What to know more about some of our ongoing and completed projects?

Ugarsoft Blockchain division wishes to expand our team, so if you are enthusiastic as we are about this technology and wish to join our growing team to make a positive global indelible mark, reach out and shoot us your CV through our email address ([email protected] )

We develop and build Applications on the Blockchain Technology

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts on the Blockchainprovide an immutable and transparent agreement between multiple entities. These self-executing contracts make for a dependable, reliable and efficient business organisation structure that is both resilient and cost effective.


Decentralized applications utilize aspects of the blockchain and smart contracts in enhancing the efficiency and security of applications.Decentralized applications are less vulnerable to threats and hacks.


Inter-planetary File System (IPFS) offers a decentralized storage platform for businesses. This enables rapid scaling of data-intensive business processes.

Blockchain Games

We build gaming applications on the Ethereum blockchain using Unity development engine. The game enables users to exchange resources for real value.