UgarsoftBlockchain continues to make more research on the Blockchain and offer tech solutions to problems around us and in the world.

Wicrypt is an app that enables its users to get paid while sharing their WiFi.Users can easily purchase a connection to a WiCrypt hotspot using KIN while the hosts will earn KIN in return for providing internet connection.The app leverages the Blockchain and allows users to receive payments per kilobyte of their WiFi data consumed by a beneficiary, allowing the user having the freedom to set desired price per kilobyte of data consumed.

SwitchWallet is Africa's first fiat exchange . It accepts cryptocurrency and local currencies and it can be used to make payments and accept payments in local and crptocurrency.

Crypto Barons is a simulation game dated back to the Medieval period and built on the Blockchain by a team of developers in Ugarsoft blockchain division. The coin is an ERC20 token which was made a generally acceptable currency by the first group of Barons to emerge

ThunderNet is a decentralized data store. It utilizes the ethereum blockchain and IPFS in providing a secure and hacker proof data persistence layer. It acts as the data storage layer for many DApps, thereby reducing the complexity of smart contracts.

BlockNumber is a decentralized data exchange system built with Ethereum Blockchain IPFS geared towards providing an immutable Biometric Identification system for Individuals. Its sole purpose is to integrate displaced individuals back into the society