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Ongoing Blockchain Projects and Research

Nov 23, 2017

Ugarsoft Limited Blockchain division have developed some amazing applications built on the Ethereum Blockchain. They include: SwitchWallet, BlockNumber, CryptoBarons and ThunderNet.

SwitchWallet: Is the first fiat exchange in Africa. It is built on the Blockchain to facilitate transactions and payment using cryptocurrencies.

BlockNumber: The BlockNumber is a social application built on the blockchain. It is an efficient and reliable way to distribute resources amongst individuals whose identities are stored on the BlockNumber.

CryptoBarons: Is a gaming application which is set to change the gaming industry on the Blockchain. The game is created in a medieval setting and the purpose is for users to acquire resources and become a CryptoBaron. It creates a means to trade gaming resources for real value on the Blockchain.

ThunderNet: The ThunderNet protocol is a decentralised data storage built on the Blockchain. It enables scaling of data-intensive applications.

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